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I watched Mike Huckabee's GOP presidential debate Saturday night, featuring three state Attorneys General - Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia, Pam Bondi of Florida and Scott Pruitt of Oklahoma, who were chosen to ask the questions of 6 of the 7 remaining candidates. These three Attorneys Generals are best known for challenging the constitutionality of the Obama administration's Federal Health Care. After listening to their questions, I'm sure those Atty. generals will challenge a lot of Federal laws in the future.

The format of the debate was right up Ron Paul's ally because, if it was left up to him, he would only leave the government a desk, a chair, and a lamp. The other Texan, Rick Perry said on day- one he would repeal major elements of the Affordable Health Care Act by executive order but then one of the Atty. generals asked Mr. Perry if an executive order could overturn an action voted in by a previous Congress and signed by the president. I was not surprised when Governor Perry started backtracking, because he really didn't have an idea, of how he was going to answer that. I don't think Rick Perry has much respect for the separation of powers.

The other programs that came up for dismantlement we're the same-old Department of Education, Department of Energy and the EPA. Rick Perry wanted to shut down the Department of Labor but I imagine Newt Gingrich would have approved because it would be part of his repealing our child labor laws. On cue, Mitt Romney said that he still supported" no child left behind" but I wouldn't bet on that; he might change his mind. The biggest laugh of the night came from Michelle Bachmann, when she said that she would abolish the EPA. I believe it was Atty. General Pruitt, who asked her as to what she would do to solve a dispute between the states over clean air. The question was what would you do if Pennsylvania was accusing Ohio of polluting their state. She said that the Federal government could be arbitrator, but that was not a satisfactory answer because Mr. Pruitt explained that would not be binding. That left a part-time EPA whose mission was to settle disputes. We can save a lot more money by hiring Judge Judy. You have to consider the source, she once said that she believed in state rights in determining same-sex marriage laws; with one caveat, she would vote for a Federal amendment to ban gay marriage. Which is it?

Overall, this was not a good debate, unless you had detailed knowledge of the subjects they decided to talk about. As I said, Ron Paul was in his elements, but even he acknowledged that he could not abolish Social Security because it would create total chaos. Well, he wouldn't have congressional support either. This is another debate where the European crisis was not mentioned. That's too bad because our economy depends on the actions Europe will eventually make.

The candidates will have one more debate unless someone other than Newt Gingrich decides to participate in the NewsMax debate on December 27, moderated by none other than Donald Trump. To their credit, Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul have already said that they will not take part in the circus.

They all wanted Medicaid block grants. They'll take the money and balance their budgets and if any is left over,the poor might see a little of it. The state and federal EPA are already unfunded and undermanned but the GOP wants to turn it all over to the states? Oh,yeah,at the state level they can be controlled by business friendly governors.

Should the presidential candidates take part in a Donald Trump debate?