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I don't think Newt Gingrich will be the eventual Republican nominee (it's still Romney), but that doesn't mean Romney shouldn’t take him seriously. It's still early but polls are showing that Newt Gingrich is running away with the election, even though a vote has not been cast. Newt's frontrunner status will get him prominent Republican endorsements and early campaign contribution.

This morning's results of the CNN/Time/ORC poll show Newt leading the pack by great margins:

Iowa: Gingrich 33%-Romney 20%-Paul 17% New Hampshire: Romney 35% (down from 44%) Gingrich 26% and Huntsman 8% South Carolina: Gingrich 43%-Romney 20%-Perry 8% Florida: Gingrich 48%- Romney 25%-Paul 5%

Newt Gingrich has met the electability question because he leads President Obama by 1% in the swing state of Ohio and Obama only leads Gingrich by 5-6 points in Pennsylvania. A month ago Obama led him by double digits in all states. The Obama campaign would be thrilled to have Newt as their opponent; it's not the first time a democratic president has run against Newt Gingrich. President Clinton showcased the flaws of the former speaker to defeat a pretty good man, Senator Bob Dole.

The Republican race might go a little longer this year because of the delegate rule change. This year all states who hold their primaries or caucuses prior to April 1st, 2012 must distribute their delegates proportionally. It's not a complete winner -take- all but the eventual winners of those members for states will still have a big advantage in delicate pledges, contributions, and endorsements.

There are several reasons for Newt's sudden rise, but it's quite obvious the base wants a candidate who gets in the president's face because they don't only want to defeat him; they want to destroy him. That's the reason Trump, Bachmann, Cain and Perry vaulted to the top. It's passion over substance, baggage, or electability in the primaries.

Several candidates are making a gasp effort to get into the top tier because they know Newt will not share the microphone with anyone inflated ego almost caused him to break a serious election law by saying he would nominate someone like the war mongering, neoconservative like John Bolton to be his secretary of state. He used the word "like" so he slipped by the" trying to influence endorsements by offering cabinet positions" violation. It got him what he wanted because he was trying to persuade Jewish voters. Our own Rick Perry has an ad saying that “he wonders how it's possible that Obama has allowed gay people to serve openly in the military, while at the same time, children cannot openly celebrate Christmas and/or pray in schools.” Obama was one-year-old when the Supreme Court banned school prayer. Not to be out done, Rick Santorum said, "Obama announced the news of Bin Laden's death too soon, and if he knew anything about Iran's nuclear ambitions or an explosion at an Iranian missile base last month, he wouldn't be able to keep it to himself."

The Obama campaign would much rather face Newt Gingrich than Mitt Romney because of Newt's baggage. I would love to see the look on Newt's face when someone like Wolf Blitzer asks him" Mr. Gingrich, what did you mean when you said Barack Obama has a “Kenyan, anti-colonial” world view?"

This is not your daddy's GOP…I’m taking bets..:-)