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In 11 days our Federal legislators will have to agree to raise the debt ceiling or shut down the government. The House of Representatives passed a $61 billion of spending cuts attached to their continuing resolution. The vote was strictly along party lines with three republicans voting with the democrats. Both chambers will be off this week, so that will leave only four days for the senate to agree to the spending cuts, to raise the debt limit. It's highly unlikely that the senate will approve the house's $61 billion spending cut proposal. This morning Representative Paul Ryan said that a temporary measure to keep the government going might be a solution for now. He made that statement without the approval of the freshmen tea party republicans.

This battle is just about the remaining six months of the fiscal budget. President Obama submitted a 2012 budget that neither party likes. The democrats say it's a good starting point, and the republicans say is it's nowhere near where it needs to be. Offhand, I can't think of any presidential budget that was actually enacted. It's usually Congress's budget that gets voted on and signed by the president.

I have to admit I really didn't care that much in 1995 when Newt Gingrich and republicans shut down the government, but now I have a stake in it...It will affect me if my Social Security check didn't reach the bank in time or my Medicare card gets denied..The last time the government was shut down. They led not one, but two separate government shutdowns — one in mid November 1995 and the other from mid-December 1995 through early January 1996..... I would never vote for Mike Huckabee but he's a good guy (usually), and his folksy sayings are worth repeating. "Let me tell you what would happen. All the people, including the ones clapping, whose mothers get a Social Security check wouldn't get one because the government would shut down. All of the things -- some of which wouldn't bother me if they shut down -- but it would bother me if physicians at hospitals who are waiting on a check so they can pay their nurses if they didn't get the reimbursements from Medicare. It would hurt me if a soldier didn't get a paycheck and their family had to go scrounge for food because we didn't have a budget and we couldn't have authorization, those are laws. We are a nation of laws, not slogans and ideologies. ".........Mike Huckabee.

The congressional leaders and the White House and will continue to try to take the upper hand for political gain, but I'm hopeful we have a half dozen adults in the senate, who will make tough choices and make the compromises needed to avoid a government shutdown. Perhaps, that committee should be made up of senators not up for reelection.