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In my heyday, we used to call a person a liar if they were lying, but today it's, as if we're walking on eggshells to avoid doing that. It's very common to hear a pundit correct his guest and then just sit there while the guest avoids the correction and then doubles down on their argument.

I've come up with seven different types of lies, some can be merged and there might be others.

  1. The blatant lie
  2. The half-truth..Lies of omission
  3. The potential truth
  4. Exaggerations
  5. Deception.... Ideologues
  6. Bluffs.
  7. Smoke screens

In today's world of politics, all seven types of lies will be used by a politician in a single paragraph. The House of Representatives passed a "Cut, Cap, and Balance" bill knowing full well that it would not pass in the senate. Those votes will take up all parts of the seven types of lies. Several republican representatives have been touting the balanced budget amendment, but they will not tell you the details. Everyone is for a balanced budget amendment. Joe Biden introduced one several years ago. Every member of Congress knows that we need to control our spending; we don't need to amend the constitution with another amendment that will be abused. Congress could vote in a constitutional amendment but then the president has to sign it and send it to the states for ratification. That alone will take 7 to 10 years. The republicans aren't interested in the balance budget amendment; it's the riders in the package that make it appealing to them. The republicans want to cut $111 billion from the budget before the year's end. This certainly will hamper a weak economy and cost jobs. The republicans also want to make it near impossible to raise taxes because the bill would require 2/3 approval of both houses. That's what led to the chaos in California's proposition 13. The republicans want to cap spending at 18%, which is what it was in the 1960s. Since then a population has grown by over 100 million and the percentage of people over 65 years old, has gone from 9.2% to 12.9%. Their proposals have gone beyond lies because they are unrealistic. The house tea party members like to say that they are the only ones that have a plan. They don't have a plan, they have a creed because they have the numbers to pass anything they want but, unless it has a chance to pass in the senate; it's just a wish that is based on their ideology.

I don't know why adults have to sign pledges; if the voters are relying on a signed piece of paper, and then all they want is a puppet who cannot think or act on their own . Pat Buchanan said the tea party will have to see the market fall before they see the era of their ways. Mr. Buchanan said president Obama was voted to govern not the tea party. Mr. Buchanan knows that's a lie of omission because he knows all about the separation of powers. I don't doubt that they are presidential candidates and members of Congress who don't believe our economy will suffer if the debt ceiling is not passed. I'll accept that, but I don't believe that our treasury secretary, fed chairman, bond rating companies and top economists are conspiring to scare us. A recent NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll stated that 55% of Americans think we will suffer economically if the debt ceiling is not passed. We are counting down the days to pass the debt ceiling or risk an economic downfall. I firmly believe Congress will pass the debt ceiling, but they will take it to the 11th hour as they always do. It might come down to the McConnell/Reid proposal that will allow the president to raise the debt ceiling with very little strings attached. The Gang of Six is a bipartisan proposal that has a 3 to 1 ratio of spending to revenues, but it was never intended to be part of the debt ceiling negotiations. The president is still negotiating with the house leaders.

We all tolerate the “white lies" and will accept some information without question. I have no reason to doubt that we still have secret CIA prisons where enhanced interrogation is still being used. I don't believe president Obama ever intended to cut Medicare or Social Security, but I'm OK with him using it for bait. I even admire how the Republican Party substitutes the word “job creators" when talking about the rich. Those are day- to -day political tactics but when it gets down to actually voting for bill; we should insist on nothing but the truth. Those that complained about the details inside the Health-care bill will look the other way when their party does the same thing. We're all human beings and I honestly believe that people are sincere when they think that too much spending is the number one problem, although most polls disagree with that assertion.