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I know that I probably should get a life, but I don't golf, hunt or fish and the beginning of NFL football is still a month away, so the inside baseball of the debt ceiling fight is the contact sport I'm closely following.

NBC White House correspondent, Chuck Todd, got White House Press Secretary, Jay Carey to admit that there was a written plan by the White House and John Boehner. It was agreed to but it can't be revealed because of political fall back. The left would vilify the president if they knew how much cuts he agreed to cut entitlements, and John Boehner would not be the speaker if his side you how much revenue he agreed on. We will never see what could've been.

A recent Washington Post/ ABC poll revealed the following facts.

72% of Americans would prefer that we raise taxes on those making more than $250,000.

66% of Americans one is to raise Social Security taxes on those making more than $102,000.

64% want us to raise taxes on the hedge fund managers.

61% want a Medicare premium rise for the wealthy.

59% want to raise taxes on the oil and gas Industries

The Tea Party is winning this fight but their greed and allegiance to special-interest groups won't let them take a victory lap. They don't know that when the campaign ends, it's time to govern. Let me qualify that by saying, originally the White House wanted a clean bill, then they wanted revenues (balanced approach) but as of yesterday, they were fighting for a bill that would get them past the election year. John Boehner's bill and Harry Reid's bill are almost identical but neither will pass their respective houses. The ink was barely dry when the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute. Club for Growth and Grover Norquist gave it thumbs down.

Chuck Todd believes that the CBO saved the day for John Boehner yesterday with their scoring because it now gives him more time to count the votes. He needs 217 votes to clear the house and send it to the senate. Senate majority leader Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer are by proxy, representing the White House, to come up with a bill that will pass the senate. There's only one way that would happen. The Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell would have to allow his members to let Reid's bill come to a vote and to vote without party loyalty. If the senate passes a bill, John Boehner would have to risk his speaker-ship by asking Nancy Pelosi to allow enough democrats to vote for the final passage of a bill that both parties(minus the Tea Party) can live with. The president's last line in the sand was to veto the last bill Boehner submitted, but he will probably sign one with a 30-60 day extension. Yesterday, a pundit said that "the democrats are drawing a line in the sand, but unfortunately, it's in the republican's tent."