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As I was waiting for the jobs report this morning; I had to listen to what pundits thought was the compelling news of the day. In no special order, they went on to report about the mystery of congressman Weiner's lewd tweet, Sarah Palin's vacation bus tour, and Mitt Romney announcing that he would run for president. The pundits thought that Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani made speeches in New Hampshire to overshadow Mitt Romney. The media blamed Sarah Palin for sucking up all the oxygen when they were the ones who gave her as much oxygen as she wanted. I wish the press would spend more time asking those in office about their plans to revive our sluggish economy.

It's been decades since our government has been able to respond to shock and changes. Our economy has been in a bubble for about 20 years, and we don't show any signs of stopping that trend. This morning's job report was very disappointing as unemployment went up to 9.1% with an increase of 54,000 jobs, when we were expecting 150,000 jobs and needed a 250,000 jobs increase. The most agreeable consensus is that the increasing foreclosures drove the housing market down. The high price of gasoline made it hard for small businesses and consumers, and the quake in Japan took its toll on the car dealers and the associated vendors. Then Federal and state governments cut their payroll. I haven't heard any economists say this, but I think the housing market has finally hit the bottom, so now we can figure out what they're really worth. The decrease in new home construction hurts the construction industry but everything is interconnected.

Yesterday I heard a British economist say that the world is confused with the approach we're taking because you cannot work on bringing down the short term deficit and improving your job numbers at the same time. Other countries work on increasing jobs because that eventually will lower the amount of spending that needs to be cut.

Our main problem is a hyper partisan political system that cannot negotiate in good faith. Who would want a deal with a country that can't even vote to increase the debt limit without any strings attached? Increasing the debt limit means that we will pay the bills we have already incurred. Any conditions should be debated in the 2012 budget negotiations. The republicans know this because they had their test vote on voting to pass a clean debt limit bill; the leader called Wall Street to assure them that the test vote was a political gimmick. He assured them that the debt limit would be increased, so not to rattle the markets. Bill Clinton had it right when he said republicans overreached with the Ryan budget which included a voucher for Medicare, but the democrats shouldn't use it as an excuse not to reform Medicare. I believe if the budget negotiations were left to Speaker Boehner, Harry Reid and the White House; a reasonable negotiation could be met, that included a lot of spending cuts, Medicare reform, tax revenues, and spending for education, infrastructure and energy. We don't need to take drastic steps .We just need to show that we have a plan to deal with the present and future problems. The Federal government is not like the state government because states have to balance their budget. A governor is able to proudly say "we balanced the budget without raising your taxes." Yes, you balanced the budget without raising taxes, but you have the dumbest children, most of your citizens are uninsured, and your bridges and roads are in a mess; that will cost you in the future.

Negotiations for passing the debt limit and 2012 budget are in a stalemate. Vice President Joe Biden is trying to herd cats but the main cats aren't at the bargaining table. Congressman Eric Cantor is representing the republicans, but he's not the one that should be there; in a perfect world Paul Ryan would be negotiating. In reality, Michelle Bachmann or Senator Jim DeMint should be in the negotiations because it's obvious that the tea party republicans are the driving force behind the extreme cuts....John Boehner never speaks with certainty because he always has to check with the tea party. It reminds me of a car deal I was trying to negotiate with a junior salesman. After 3 hours of him going back and forth to check with his manager, I finally insisted on the manager presence. The deal was done in 30 minutes. I felt satisfied, even thou I knew they got the best of the deal.

Where were we? Oh yes, congressman Weiner's tweet and the whereabouts of Sarah Palin and, whether she will run.