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I can no longer ignore the rumor that the Houston Astros might be going to the American League Western Division... I first read about it, in an article written by Buster Olney for ESPN, then Richard Justice wrote a positive article about the possible move in Saturday's Houston chronicle, but now it's a feature article in the sports section of the USATODAY.

After 56 years of watching a pitcher bunting a runner into scoring position or totally botching it, I've come to expect that feature of major league baseball. I can tolerate the designated hitter, at the high school and college level or anywhere else where they use aluminum bats, but not in major league baseball; that's why I am not a fan of American league baseball. Now they want to move my favorite team to the American League West.

Major league Baseball and the Players Association's are talking about creating two 15-team leagues and six five-team divisions. The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Houston Astros are the two likely candidates for realignment. Right now, the Arizona Diamondbacks could be the team most likely to change. Especially since, Diamondback president Derrick Hall, is saying “We would do whatever’s best for baseball" and Houston Astros's owner. Drayton McLane is fighting the move... That's an easy solution; give the owners what they want.

Richard Justice, a great sports columnist for the Houston Chronicle, wrote a column in support of the move. He said the rivalry between the Texas Rangers, and the Houston Astros could increase interest in baseball across the state. I disagree. I'd much rather see the Astros play St. Louis or Chicago. Mr. Justice also mentioned that more games between the Yankees and Red Sox would increase attendance. I don't disagree with that, but in Houston's heyday, they did all right at the gate when they had playoff caliber teams. Mr. Justice said a baseball purist like me is dead wrong by saying “When these people yap about the beauty of the double-switch, you'd think it was more complicated than putting a shuttle into orbit."...He also said that the idea of moving the Astros to the AL West was so radical, that he couldn't see the owners agreeing to it. That was the best part of the article.

I know a lot of people will say "who cares;they are a lousy team." Granted the Houston Astros don't have the best record in MLB right now, but I still remember when the Kansas City Royals,Cleveland Indians, and the Pittsburgh Pirates were powerhouses,so I'm still a fan, besides I still have a few "We'll get 'em next year " left in me.