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I was stunned to hear that we still have corporal punishment in our public schools. This morning's episode of “Morning Joe" had a guest named Marc Ecko, who revealed that recent figures from the federal Department of Education say that more than 200,000 students each year are subjected to corporal punishment. According to the Congressional testimony, up to 20,000 students a year seek medical attention after the event. Generally, the injuries involve bruising and broken blood vessels. Those are conservative figures because evidently schools are not required to report the incidents.

In Texas, we had 50,000 cases of corporal punishment, but I wasn't too surprised that we were one of the 20 states that still have corporal punishment. I saw some gruesome pictures on Marc Ecko's website, what were the teachers thinking? The study concluded that most of the punishment was inflicted on handicap and minority students. We are the only industrial nation that still uses corporal punishment.

I can remember getting whacked by a big paddle that really stung, and it took every ounce of strength I had to keep from crying. I think crying in front of my classmates would have been worse. I still remember my junior high incident. We had the old standard clock with white facing with black numerals. I used to time the clock, which was linked to the” end of class bell," down to the second-hand. At two minutes until the hour, I had all my books, pencils, and other personal things secured in my satchel, and I got in the ready position. At 5 seconds until bell time, I stood up and made a break for the door but this time the bell did not ring. I don't know what happened to the clock, but not only was I embarrassed, as all eyes were fixed on me, it didn't feel too good, looking at coach summoning me with his little finger and reaching into his top drawer. That was my only spanking but some of my friends got one at school and another at home, after the principle called their parents. We have evolved now. Parenting and teaching methods have changed, and so it would be a major task to go back to the 1950s type of discipline.Too many years and generations have gone by and besides that,we are grandparents now, our grandchildren would never do anything that merits a spanking...:-)Seriously,There is no turning back.

If you’re interested in stopping this practice contact your representative or visit this website.