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I had to completely forgotten about the fringe groups of the 90s until I saw the 60 minute segment “Sovereign Citizen “last Sunday. This loosely organized anti-government group call themselves “Sovereign Citizens" and they all believe that our government and its laws are illegitimate. I used to work with a man who bought a kit from a group like that. He said that he no longer had to worry about traffic tickets because he wasn't bound to government contracts if he signed documents in red crayon or used lowercase lettering, alternative punctuation in his name , or added the letters "TDC" for "under threat, duress, and coercion. He didn't listen to us, when we told him that he already had a social security card, driver’s license and paid taxes, so he might as well admit he was one of us. One day he took it a little too far when he signed "TDC" at the top of a company document indicating that he would submit to a voluntary random drug test. The corporate lawyers took issue with that and our co-worker's loyalty to the “sovereign citizen" cause quickly disappeared. He knew where his bread was buttered.

It's hard for me to believe that there are 300,000 people like this living in the United States. In fact just last week, the Virginia State trooper reported that in a sovereign citizen was stopped because he had a fake painted license plate with the words " Virginia" and " private use" handwritten on it. The state trooper was lucky because even though this individual struggled, the trooper was able to handcuff him and charge him with multiple charges, including resisting arrest. Some sovereign citizens have become violent and others have filed frivolous lawsuits against the arresting officers. Filing frivolous lawsuits against authorities is called “paper terrorism." Authorities don't pay attention to the lawsuits until it becomes a matter of public record and damages their credit history. Then it takes time and money to remove those lawsuits from their record. That's why it's called "paper terrorism."

The first segment of this" 60 Minute" report was about a man named Jerry Kane and his 16 year old son. Jerry Kane was a divorced out- of-work truck driver from Ohio, who had become a “sovereign citizen" in 2003 when he lost his house to foreclosure. He crisscrossed the country with his son selling his debt reduction scam which eventually went broke. As a sovereign citizen, he didn't carry a driver's license and his car was registered to a bogus charity. After numerous traffic stops leading to his arrest, Mr. Kane's anger heighten to a point of no return. He told his audience at one of his seminars that he did want to kill anyone, but if they didn't quit messing with him; he would have no choice, as his home- schooled son listened attentively. The son was raised on sovereign ideology.

On May 20 2010 the Kane's minivan was pulled over on I- 40 by two West Memphis police officers. Instead of showing a driver's license Jerry Kane appeared argumentative and handed the officer his sovereign document. Naturally the officer was confused but to his surprise, the son Joe Kane exited the minivan firing his AK 47, using 25 bullets to kill both officers. About 90 minutes later, the police cornered Jerry and Joe Kane at a Wal-Mart parking lot, where the fugitives wounded two more police officers before they were eventually killed.

Police officer's are now becoming aware that the “Sovereign Citizen” group is America's most lethal domestic threat.