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I've been going to the same family of barbers for 50 years. The father (who has since retired) started his practice in the Village Shopping Center across from Crain Junior High. Back then it was a matter of convenience because I could get off school that Friday, get my hair cut before walking home. It was a barbershop; nothing else.

Other than that family barbershop, I've only had my hair cut cropped by the military's one style fits all, and another time when my teenage daughter thought I needed a makeover. That was a onetime thing, because I felt very uncomfortable getting my hair cut by a beautician; after all, she was trying to change 40 years of an acquired look. No thanks, I'll go back to the blocked in the back, parted on one side, and sideburns cut at the middle of the ear or as my grand kids call it " old man's hair cut."

The barbershop I go to, is not located in a fancy building, doesn't have a lot of parking, and only has three barber chairs with attached leather razor straps. It has about 10 waiting chairs, no more than three of them occupied, a television no one watches, but it's always a great place for conversation....The two barbers know all the latest jokes, the scoop on the newest restaurants, and they are always up-to-date on sporting events. I can't remember a time when I opened the door to the barbershop and wasn't instantly greeted by the two barbers and their customers. A lot of times the customers were complete strangers but that didn't matter. It's funny how two barbers whom I barely see 12 times a year, strangers, acquaintances, and friends can and talk and laugh about a subject without ever getting into an argument. I know I'm just in there an hour at the most, but I'm amazed how the conversation goes around a room, stopping to give the other person time to give his view, without anyone dominating the conversation. I've been there several times when some of our local dignitaries were taking part in the joshing. I guess that I can best describe my barber shop as being a place where you can get a great haircut, be entertained, sometimes schooled, but where everyone leaves their titles and troubles at home.