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Three time presidential candidate Ron Paul submitted a 11 page proposal called the" Plan to Restore America" which he thinks will save $1 trillion in spending his first year in the White House. I don't think that he stands a chance of getting the Republican nomination, much less getting elected president of the United States, but it's worth the time to point out where some libertarian/ republican priorities are. His plan does not mention investments for the future, job incentives, education or new energy proposals. It's a free market pollyannaish experiment that has no place in these perilous times.

Like a true politician, Ron Paul's plan will honor the promise to seniors and veterans because, if he doesn't meet that first threshold; his plan would be greeted with hisses and boos. He knows that. Reducing the president's salary from $400,000 to $39,336 is just a symbolic gesture to appease his supporters. Reducing or eliminating foreign aid is another one of those favored stump speeches that excites the crowd but the $55 billion or so, we spend on foreign aid is just ~1% of the Federal budget. We will continue to give foreign aid to Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, India, Palestine, and Pakistan because it serves our self-interest.

Ron Paul forgets that Congress controls the purse strings, not the president. One lonely senator, can block any radical proposal or a sane one, for that matter. Ron Paul served honorably in the military so he knows he can't just take an ax to the Pentagon budget or close all the bases around the world. I can see where some generals would take early retirement, and the ones that remain, wouldn't necessarily be the best ,over that proposal. I'm not a warmonger, but we can't take a non interventionist role in world affairs. We don't need to be the policeman of the world, but we didn't build the greatest military that the world has ever known, to pick up trash alongside the highway. I think the presidential daily intelligent memos will make any president -elect to take notice. Ron Paul would take away our power to influence by eliminating foreign aid,so who will cover our backside? Ron Paul may be right ,saying that the terrorist didn't attack us for our riches, but we're still their number one target. The Al Qaida types are brain washed, so when people are in a zone; you don't really know their intentions or motives. A failed attempt is not a complete loss to them.

I don't think we'll see a great reduction in unemployment anytime soon, but his plan would eliminate 220,000 government jobs across five cabinet departments such as: the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Interior, and the Transportation Security Administration; with the latter being turned over to the private sector. I guess memory is short because I don't know who will be riding roughshod over deep well drilling, so I guess we'll have to forget the 11 deaths and the worse environment incident we've ever had. The Department of Interior also manages our public and national Parks, but we can turn it over to Exxon; I'm sure their drilling won't bother the tourist or the natural habitats. The logging industry will be overjoyed. I still don't know how taking out $1 trillion and at least 220,000 jobs out of our fragile economy will spur growth. Ron Paul said that they were not productive jobs, but they did consume and paid taxes, now they will be collecting unemployment. I seriously doubt that Ron Paul thinks any government job is productive. The next time we have contamination in our ground water or food supple blame the law makers who want to cut their already slim budget by 30 %.

Ron Paul embraces republican ideas, like coddling to the rich because 2/3 of those paying capital gains are millionaires, but he still wants to eliminate capital gains and dividend taxes. Ron Paul wants to allow for reparation of overseas capital without tax penalties. This is will increase the deficit and the last time it was tried (2004) companies used the windfall to repurchase their own stock and pay bigger dividends to their shareholders. A lot of those companies ultimately laid off their workers. We keep doing these things; inviting companies to hold onto their profits awhile overseas, and eventually our country will give you a tax break for bringing it back to the U.S. What a racket! To top it off, he wants to keep the Bush tax cuts. Like all the other republican candidates, Paul wants to repeal the health care law, and Dodd- Frank. Did you see the earnings for Wall Street this week? It doesn't look like Dodd-Frank affected them in the least bit.

Let's not forget the poor; Ron Paul wants to block grant to the states, Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program, food stamps, family support programs, and children nutrition programs. That's killing two birds with one stone because states have to meet a balanced budget, so this is the road to seriously reduce or eliminate those programs at the federal and state level. Did I say he wants to allow the young to opt out of Social Security? It doesn't take much to see the handwriting on the wall; especially since he's been preaching the same Laissez faire philosophy for over thirty years.

Those on the right take issue with people like Warren Buffett saying," it's time to stop coddling to the rich. "Many on the right think he should just shut up and write a check write to the Internal Revenue for whatever he thinks is the right amount. That just a red herring because Warren Buffet already gives away half of this money, so he's just shedding light on income tax inequality. For example, I can see that Medicare needs some serious reform, so I have stated many times, since I'm in a group that consumes the most health care dollars; I would be willing to pay a $20 co pay and more for my Medicare B portion. I'm not saying that I should voluntarily pay extra, just saying that I see the problem, and I shouldn't get angry if I'm asked to pay more.

It's that time again, another Republican presidential debate. Will another candidate surge to the top?