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After nearly nine years of occupying Iraq the president of United States can finally say that all American troops will be home and out of Iraq by the holidays. The critics are already lining up to call it a poor presidential decision. Mitt Romney taking a step further by saying that this was a political move and one based on the president’s naiveness. Mr. Romney would have consulted with his generals; in fact, he is still interested in their viewpoint. This just shows that Mitt Romney is not ready to be president because his attack on the president is for political reasons; he has should've known that President George W. Bush signed the Status of Forces agreement(SOFA) with Prime Minister Nouri Kamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki, stating that we would have all our forces out of Iraq by December 31 of 2011. I didn't hear any republican backlash when President Bush signed that agreement without consulting Congress. The funniest response came from Herman Cain, who said that he would never give the enemy the exact date of departure. I don't know what Herman Cain is talking about because we pulled out our combat forces in August of 2010.It’s only a couple of months away, I believe those wanting want to take advantage of our departure knew of our plans before the president made his announcement. We have 40,000 troops that are training the Iraqi forces and staying out of actual combat. I guess the two presidential candidates don't know that General Petraeus and ambassador Ryan Crocker worked out the deals of SOFA in behalf of the Bush Administration are now working for the Obama Administration. We might have left some residual forces but we could not work out an immunity agreement with the Iraqi government.

Neo conservative John Bolton, Senator McCain and Lindsay Graham are correct in saying that Iraq is in a fragile state, and civil war might break out but that would be the case if we stayed there another 10 years. There is worry that Iran would insert its power inside Iraq, but we removed that deterrent when we toppled Saddam Hussein. There is also a small band of Kurds in the north that are attacking Turkey, making Iraq a very unstable country but there's little a residual force could do to prevent that; especially without immunity. A majority of the elected parliament wants control of their own country, but some factions wanted to keep about 3000 U.S. troops for insurance against an uprising. Prime Minister, Maliki was taking a lot of political heat, so he could not sign off on the immunity agreement.

I cannot understand why we can't just rejoice that another dictator like Omar Qaddafi will no longer threaten his people and wreak havoc on his neighbors and the world. Many on the right were quick to announce that President Obama should not be given 1 ounce of credit for Qadhafi's ouster and eventual death. I was pretty much a skeptic on Libya but more so on the War Powers Act than the decision to stop genocide. The mission cost us about $1 billion and no American lives were lost. We were asked to intervene by the Libyan people and backed up by the Arabs states, our Allies, and the U.N.... There is one difference as Andrew Sullivan of the DailyBeast pointed out,""To rid the world of Osama's bin Laden, Anwar al-Awlaki and Moammar Qaddafi within six months: if Obama were a Republican, he'd be on Mount Rushmore by now." I don't think it matters how much credit the president gets because our Allies and the Libyan rebels are very appreciative of country's involvement. I think Qadhafi's ouster vindicates the president's decision, even though we don't know how the Libyan rebels will govern. Can they be any worse than a crazy dictator? Then there is Ron Paul view saying” President is bragging, 'Got another one.' How can we be proud of that? No matter how bad a guy he was, who’s responsibility? It’s the responsibility of the people of Libya to make their self determination and deal with that. But no, we ended up paying for this. It was our bombs and our weapons that do this and believe me, it will be our burden. It is not going to go away."..So which is it, no credit, too much credit, or whatever makes the evening news?