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It's no longer “may the best man win" because Republican legislators are cooking up schemes to beat President Obama in 2012. They're not leaving a stone unturned. They have already enacted voter ID laws to discourage democratic voters but there is no proof of extensive voter fraud. The 2010 Census and a Republican mid-term victory allowed for more gerrymandered districts. They also tried to cripple the union vote because they usually support Democrats. That measure backfired. A few states are being challenged in the courts over their voter ID laws and drawn districts. Recently North Carolina has decided to put a gay marriage amendment on the ballot for 2012. Present Obama won that state in 2008 but this wedge issue will help his republican opponent.

We use the Electoral College in electing our president. A presidential candidate has to win 270 electoral votes of a possible 538. Each state has a number that equals to the size of the state's congressional delegation. Texas has 38 electoral votes that the GOP nominee will get. Currently, 48 states and the District of Columbia use a winner -take- all in which the candidate who wins the popular vote gets all the state’s electoral votes.

Pennsylvania's Republican state legislators are throwing a monkey wrench into the works and are trying to convince other republican's states to follow suit. Under their scheme, Pennsylvania would change from a winner take all to a system where each congressional district gets its own electoral vote and the two electoral votes-one each for their state's two senators- would go to the eventual winner. The 2012 Pennsylvania congressional district maps will have 12 safe GOP seats compared to only six safe democratic seats under this scenario, if Obama won the popular vote, he would get the six safe democratic seats plus the two votes for the senator, but it would only total out to 8 of the 20 pictorial votes Pennsylvania has. The 12 GOP safe seats would win out. There is nothing that the Democrats can do legally. It's not unconstitutional because the constitution doesn't really say how electors are chosen in each state. It makes it much harder but not impossible. The Democrats will have to appeal to those who are outraged by this move. Nebraska and Maine already have this system in place but their small electoral vote makes it mathematically impossible for one to win the popular vote but lose the electoral vote.

We will see if Pennsylvania passes this controversial issue and the effect of turning a blue state to a red one will have. I will give them the credit for their creativity but in this economy their time could’ve been better spent on creating an environment for more jobs. I think I would’ve been ashamed if the democrats would have done this just to win the election. If you can’t win it on the merits; is it a victory?