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It's kinda strange looking out the window observing the hazy sky. The rain was nice but would need more of it. Victoria is not as bad(yet) as it was when I was stationed in El Paso. It would rain like cats and dogs for an hour, we would finish our cup of coffee, go outside and it looked like it didn't rain a drop. The desert soaked up the rain.

I downloaded this 99ยข app ttitled Texas Trivia and thought I would have some fun with it. The first time I took the test I got a message " you're so dumb, you thought the Alamo had a basement."

  1. What is a state dog of Texas?.......Blue Lacy (I've never heard of it)
  2. What is the name of least populated county in Texas?....Loving
  3. What is the state reptile? ...... Horned lizard
  4. The first Margarita machine was invented in what Texas city?.....Dallas
  5. What is the state bird of Texas?........ Nothern Mockingbird
  6. In what year was the first class held at the University of Texas?......1883
  7. What is the height of the Guadalupe Peak?....8751 feet
  8. What is the state vegetable?...... Sweet onion
  9. How many head of cattle are in Texas?....16 million
  10. How many deer call Texas home?...2.5 million
  11. How many farms _with 1,000 acres or more does Texas have?.....23,000
  12. How many miles of highways does Texas have?......70,000
  13. The hamburger was created in what Texas City?......... Athens
  14. How large is the King Ranch....1,250,000 acres
  15. How much taller is our state capital than our nation's capital?......7 feet

Anyone max it?