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Today, anxiety is at fever pitch, and a lot of people are pushing their pet peeves, as the cause of it. It's anywhere between lack of prayer in school, liberals, loose morals, government spending, and the president of United States, Barack Obama.

I liked to break down problems into small pieces, so I can get a better grasp of the situation. We've gone from anxiety over the debt to our jobless recovery in just a few months. Republicans will try to tell us that if we just lower the corporate tax rate, reduce regulations, and get rid of unions, jobs would magically appear. Democrats think when no one else is spending; the government is the only option to boost our economy. The Republican CEO of GE, Jeffery Inmelt, told CNN's, Fareed Zakaria, that demand is a driving force behind hiring. He said it wasn't the uncertainty, regulations, or taxes because they can always adjust to them. In laying down the groundwork of what might have been, I decided to use a McKensey Research report stating that after the 1948 recession it took six months for jobs to recover, and it stayed around that number for the several recessions until the 1990s when it took about 21 months. The next recessions after 2001 it started taking the job market more time to recover. In 2001 recession, it took 39 months for the job market to recover, and this recession will take, close to 60 months for the job market to recover. Our nation recovered in 2010, so our job market will fully recover in 2015. The three main causes for the longer delays for jobs after demand are met, were job displacements, employment decisions, and the fact that we now have fewer innovators. One example that was given was the need for 400,000 jobs in the medical field. We would have to retrain construction workers to be X-ray technicians. We would have to take a job where there is no demand like construction and retrain them to do jobs where there is a demand.We have 3 million jobs available out there but we don't have qualified people to fill them.

Since I'm overriding President Obama's 365-173 electoral win, I'm going to give the house and the senate to John McCain in this make believe scenario. John McCain said he would only serve one term. That would have made Sarah Palin the frontrunner in the 2012 election.

The battle cries of the 2008 GOP convention were " drill baby drill" and " drill here, drill there, drill everywhere," so it's safe to assume that the EPA would have been curtailed and oil drilling, fracking, cold fired plants, and mountaintop removal would be at full steam ahead. The Supreme Court would not have been an issue, because President John McCain would have appointed two more conservative judges giving them a total of six.

A John McCain administration would have probably continued the Bush administration bailout of Wall Street despite Vice President Palin kicking and screaming, but GM would have never been bailed out. We would be at a status quo for Wall Street because Dodd-Frank would have never been enacted. The corporate rate would've been near zero along with capital gains, as we awaited recovery. It's hard to say if unemployment benefits would have been extended because, until 2009, it's always been a bipartisan agreement. There would not have been any qualms about raising the debt limit because we would be on our way cutting everything possible to pay for extending tax cuts to the wealthy (job creators) and privatizing in Social Security and Medicare.

President McCain and the GOP Congress would have never passed a stimulus package, so the $17 billion that Texas had to balance their budget would not have been available. That would mean more education and Medicade cuts because we do not raise property taxes in Texas. South Carolina would've lost their 8,000 teachers, but it's not as if they would have noticed. The 7% union forces in the private sector would be at zero and public collective bargaining would not exist anymore. There would not have been a rise in the minimum wage; in fact, it might be well on his way to being repealed. The Lilly Ledbetter Act (equal pay for equal work) would still be on the wish list.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (health care bill) would not be in existence, so you could still be denied for per-existing conditions. The Republicans have never been that big on healthcare except for $7 trillion unpaid medical prescription bill they passed. They would have passed the Ryan proposal to privatizing Medicare, and strengthened the Health Savings Accounts (HSA), tort reform, and buying insurance across state lines plan they have been touting for years. Those plans didn't score that well with CBO but what do they know?

I'm pretty sure we would have captured Osama Bin Laden because McCain said he would capture him, but only if we elected him. I'm not so sure we would be pulling out any troops out of Iraq or Afghanistan if McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Joe Lieberman had anything to do with it. We definitely would have been in command of the Libya conflict because to McCain, they just can't be too much military spending. I'm certain "Don't ask, Don't tell" would still be in place.

A McCain presidency would have gotten off to a better start because I can't see a situation where a genuine military war hero would be criticized or denied for talking to our schoolchildren on their first day back. He would've never been made to publicly display his birth certificate, and I can't imagine a scenario where a democrat would stand up and shout " you lie" at his State of the Union....McCain’s critics might have had fun with his last name changing it "McLame or McShame" but even though he was from the opposition party, he would still be one of us. What's funny about McCain is that even thou his conservative voting record is near 90%, he’s not conservative enough for many in his party.

I don't think the Tea Party would be around because they still would have their country; the only goal left is to get more of it.