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I know for many, it seems like the campaign and has never stopped by either party but on May 5th,the president and Michelle will officially kick off the presidential campaign by visiting Ohio State University and Richmond Virginia.

The politicos have determined that the battle ground states for this year are Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida and Virginia. These are all states that Obama won in 2008 but this is 2012.

The Mitt Romney teams are still vetting their vice president candidates. On a short list are Senators Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayottee, Congressman Paul Ryan, and Governors Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell but rumor is Portman will get the nod because he won't overshadow Romney but if Jeb Bush wants it; it’s his. Senator Portman might help Romney in Ohio, but people do not usually vote for second on the ticket. It'll be a vanilla ticket, but if you're running on improving the economy; it shouldn't matter. House speaker John Boehner has already told Marco Rubio to" dream on", because his legislation will not pass the house.

Mitt Romney does not have much of a choice but to embrace the unpopular Ryan budget. He already saw what it got Newt Gingrich when he rightfully called it “right wing social engineering."

I remember reading where Congressman Paul Ryan said that the philosophy of Ayn Ryan was the reason he got into public service. In a 2003 interview, he told the Weekly Standard" I give out' Atlas Shrugged' as Christmas presents and I make my interns read it." Ayn Rand was a 20th century libertarian icon and best known for her idea that" selfishness is "virtue." Today Congressman Ryan is singing different tune and is rejecting her teachings calling it an “atheist philosophy.” Paul Ryan must've missed the part about Ayn Rand describing altruism as "evil" and condemning Christianity for advocating compassion for the poor when he first read it. Perhaps Paul Ryan is perfect for Mitt Romney.

Paul Ryan is a Catholic, so he must've been disappointed to meet a group of protesters on his arrival at Georgetown University, including about 90 members of Georgetown’s faculty, and two dozen Jesuit priests. They had a signed a letter telling Ryan that he is “profoundly misreading church teaching” and that his budget would have “devastating consequences” for poor Americans: This is after the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said that the Ryan budget failed to meet the moral criteria of the church. Even though today, Ryan rejects the teachings of Ayn Rand, she would be proud of his budget, which will cut food stamps and other programs for the poor, Medicare as we know it, but it still gives three trillion dollars in tax breaks for corporations.

It’s a different GOP conservative philosophy today because Milton Friedman, the Nobel prize-winning Chicago School economist, proposed what became the EITC, a form of negative income tax, to encourage people to work. He noted that many people on welfare faced marginal tax rates of more than 100 percent if they left the dole for low-wage jobs. President Ronald Reagan championed the EITC because it required people to work to get benefits.

John Boehner recently called the president's campaign stops a pathetic waste of taxpayers' money, but as I recall, that was the same thing Nancy Pelosi said about former President George W. Bush's campaign stumps. I wonder why no one is complaining about the $44,000 a day for secret service that Newt Gingrich is wasting by delaying his drop out day until this coming Tuesday.

We'll have to have settled for the silly stuff until after Labor Day when both campaigns start to get really serious. Meanwhile, the Republicans will seethe when they see the replay of President Obama "slow jamming the news" but what's stopping them from playing back the Mitt Romney singing "Davy Crockett?" The Fox News pundits say it's unbecoming of the office. Oh please, they can't remember when President Nixon said," sock it to me."