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It used to be the endorsements by former presidents and distinguished senators were what elevated presidential candidates. Not so much anymore, today Newt Gingrich will be endorsed by (drum roll please) none other than kingmaker Donald Trump. He falls right in line with a 1/2 term Governor Sarah Palin, Herman Cain (need I say more), Rick Perry. Michael Reagan and Hollywood has been Chuck Norris. And as long as Newt keeps his sugar daddy billionaire Nevada casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and his wife. Newt could stay until April 24. Why is April 24 important? That's the earliest day that Mitt Romney could secure the nomination if he were to get every single delegate, but that's not likely. I saw a poll where 40% of republican voters who actually voted, were still not satisfied with their choice of candidates.

It's going to be a long three weeks before we get another debate, so until then silly statements will have to substitute for real news. For example, conservative media is vilifying Mitt Romney for saying that he's not concerned about the poor. They go onto say that the liberals, and the Democrats will use that statement as ammunition. I knew what Mitt meant. I've always said that the rich will invariably make it, and our safety net will always try to cushion the fall for the poverty-stricken I believe right wing media is afraid that Romney is shedding too much light on the plight of the indigent and then saying that he would fix the leaks in the safety net, goes against all current conservative principles. They didn't like that he said that the rich were getting along just fine. They are particularly perturbed because Romney once again stated that he thought the minimum wage should be indexed and not be left up to the members of Congress. Conventional wisdom says that a gaffe is something that a politician really meant to say but was reluctant to do so. It's like a drunk getting into trouble for saying something that's been on his mind for quite awhile. Mitt Romney is a decent human being, but he'll never pass the conservative purist test, but he'll keep stumbling and trying to. He's a successful businessman, and he should run on that even if it doesn't resonate at this particular time. That's who he is. Conservatives seem to think that he will abandon them if he's elected, not if he has a conservative Congress because, once elected he will do anything to be reelected. It's going to be interesting if he keeps this hard-right stance on illegal immigration. He got the Hispanic vote in Florida but those were Cuban Americans, who usually vote Republican. I saw a poll where in a general election President Obama would win the overall Latino vote in Florida. It's a different game out in the west where Mexican- Americans make up most of the Latino vote. Will he change his rhetoric? His campaign made a strategic move to get to the right of Rick Perry on illegal immigration, and it worked. Will he try to go more to the center for the rest of the campaign and the general election?

It was somewhat strange seeing Ron Paul give his Florida primary concession speech from Henderson, Nevada and Newt Gingrich not giving Mitt Romney the customary congratulatory phone call. I wonder if Newt eventually comes back into the fold or is he considering a third party run? Newt's concession speech was all- over- the- map ,asking the Florida voters to vote against Senator Bill Nelson(D-Fla) and then have the ousted Democrats to join Republicans in repealing the healthcare law and Dodd-Frank. He would then follow suit by allowing Keystone to start drilling... In the first two hours he would have American rising from the ashes. I guess that would leave him the rest of the day to get in a traditional dance or two before starting on his moon colony project.

This is what the media wants to talk about, instead of the remarks of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta saying that we will draw-down in Afghanistan, along with other international forces in Afghanistan and it's supposed to start taking place next year. We will finally end our combat operations in Afghanistan and will concentrate mainly on helping train the Afghan forces.It's looks like the majority of troops will finally leave that barren country in the year 2014.

On one of the few times that foreign policy has come up in the GOP presidential debates,Mitt Romney was asked to on how he would deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan. He said that he would defeat them and not set up arbitrary time lines on leaving. We've been saying that for 10 years Mr. Romney and I'm not surprised that you have the same views as John McCain.