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The words “Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive" is the phrase the Democratic Party is using to counter the constant negativity of the right. It's a catch phrase like "cut and run" the GOP used every time they wanted another military spending bill to pass.

Yesterday, I heard Newt Gingrich say that he was going to get gasoline down to $2.50 a gallon with the same old" drill here, drill there, drill everywhere" slogan. Sure it's good political rhetoric because gasoline is starting to rise. I bet if I took a quick look at refining capacity, it's probably at 95% as usual. You can't blame Newt; he's got to go for the home run and gasoline prices are as good as anything.

I used to think that Republican representative Paul Ryan was a sensible and pragmatic person, but every since his Medicare voucher plan was exposed for what it is (privatization) he's become a diehard partisan wanting to cut the amount of spending on entitlements but not defense and will not consider any tax increases. He used to sound like he was ready to negotiate a bipartisan deal but what I heard yesterday on "Meet the Press" was” if you come over to my side, we can start negotiations." He kept saying that his austerity only measures would promote growth and increase revenues. I have yet to see how cutting even more spending while the economy is slowly recovering, will promote growth. Europe tried "austerity only" without any success, but now they will use the central banking system to stabilize the Euro. We no longer can stop 21st century problems with 19th century solutions. Representative Ryan seems to always start with his talking points of “the president's policies have ruined this nation... blah, blah, blah" but when he's told that the President inherited a deep recession, and the economy is showing improvement; he just moves on without answering the question.

President Obama has to be the luckiest man alive, first he gets the weakest candidates; I've ever seen assembled, as his opponents. Mitt Romney is a very pragmatic man who governed as a moderate in a blue state and got things accomplished. In this weak economy, he would be a very formidable opponent, but he decided to run as something he is not. I've never heard anyone praise a state for having trees that are of the right height. I still think he'll get the nomination but when he does, roll the tapes', President Obama.

I want Rick Santorum to get the nomination because that's a debate I would like to see. He recently said, “public education is anachronistic." In the same week, he said that free prenatal testing ended in more abortions. Mr. Santorum is a fundamentalist, he can't help it, and that's the reason he lost by 18 points to another pro life candidate, Democrat Bob Casey Jr...59-41%. He's pretty much where the other candidates on economics are (except Ron Paul) the only difference is on the amount, they want to cut dividends, capital gains, and corporate tax rates.

I'm looking forward to Wednesday's debate in Arizona where Romney will have to win handily, if he's going to stand a chance at winning his home state of Michigan. If Romney loses Michigan, the established Republicans will look like Don Knott’s character in the movie" The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" and who can blame them. The old GOP heroes have about ten states where it's still not too late to sign up but if Santorum has the momentum, could a Jed Bush turn that around?