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I just love the way the Iowa caucus is portrayed; if Mitt Romney wins, it's important but if a lower tier candidate wins, then once again it will be viewed as a sham. It is what it is, all the of the candidates want to come out in the top three. The one who wins and will think it will be the steppingstone to the White House and the ones that came in second and third, will say that is where they want to be. The De Moines Register poll has been very accurate in picking the eventual winner in the past. Saturday poll had Mitt Romney on 24 points, Ron Paul on 22, and Rick Santorum on 15 and Newt Gingrich at 12.Tomorrow night we will know who won, who lost and what it means because the all knowing political analysts will tell us .

The Sunday talk shows could have and been appropriately named an “Stump the Candidates" because the host wasn't interested in hearing the same old talking points, they were more interested in being the network that uncovered a “breaking news" statement. A lot of the questions centered up on what the candidate would do if they lost the Iowa caucus or to explain a statement they made several years ago. As Tina Dupuy pointed out in her column, the candidates doubled down on their controversial views of the past. For example Rick Santorum said on defending his stance that human life is a person in the constitution,"And Barack Obama says no? Well, if that human life is not a person, then ... I find it almost remarkable for a black man to say 'now we are going to decide who people are and who are not people." From what I saw all, Ron Paul is being hit the most, and because he has 30 years of controversial statements and he won't back down. Sunday he told Candy Crowley of CNN ""If you try to improve relationships by forcing and telling people what they can't do, and you ignore and undermine the principles of liberty, then the government can come into our bedrooms," Paul told Candy Crowley on CNN's "State of the Union." "And that's exactly what has happened. Look at what's happened with the PATRIOT Act. They can come into our houses, our bedrooms our businesses ... And it was started back then" in trying to defend and his opposition to the Civil Rights Act. In 2004, Ron Paul had a chance to walk back his statement, but he was the lone vote of" NO "when it came to voting for a symbolic in 2004, when the House of Representatives took up a resolution "recognizing and honoring the 40th anniversary of congressional passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964."

It's so funny how Mitt Romney seems to be staying above the fray, reading phrases from “God Bless America" while the Super Pac is spending $3 million into a little state like Iowa to run negative ads against Newt Gingrich, on a continuous loop. As much as people seem to say they hate negative ads; they always work. It's even funnier to hear Newt complain about the negativity when he was a master at it. If Newt had the money, he would've done the same thing.

I find it strange that the social conservatives like Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann are bypassing the next primary state of New Hampshire and going straight to South Carolina. Michelle Bachmann is running out of money, so it makes sense to bypass a state that she doesn't have a chance in but she says she will win the nomination. Rick Perry still has a lot of money. All the candidates will be in New Hampshire for the upcoming debates this week where one candidate who has been forgotten lately, Jon Huntsman, will join the others.

It's going to be interesting from here on out because it's now Rick Santorum's turn in the hot seat. He might have to explain why in 2008, he endorsed Mitt Romney and said he was a true conservative, but he feels differently today. Mitt Romney has already used that against Santorum by thanking him for that 2008 endorsement. The conservative label can be tossed around like a volleyball because back in 2008 Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity Laura Ingraham and other right wing bomb- throwers hated John McCain and thought Romney had enough conservative credentials but now they don't trust him because he just can't get over 24%. I was watching a program Saturday that broke down the conservative label by saying first they were known as “the angry white man" then it was the "Christian Right," and now it's the " Tea Party" in search for their identity, but it's the same group of people, now that the Tea Party has embraced the social issues. Mitt Romney is a moderate by any standard, but the Republican Party has moved farther to the right than any anytime in their history, so he has to secure the GOP nomination before he can attempt to go back to the center. He might not be able to because he already has a “flip flop" problem.