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If Ricci Ware of San Antonio's KTSA AM radio, is correct I'm glad I didn't stay up until 2:00AM to hear who the eventual winner was in last night's Iowa caucus. It was enough trying to keep up with CNN's electronic gadgetry. Mitt Romney won over Rick Santorum by just eight votes. The Mitt Romney's camp is saying that a win is a win but is it? This is Romney's second bite at the apple, and he can't still surpass 25%. The all-important delegate count is what matters:Romney received 11, Santorum 11 and Ron Paul 3. I don't know if Rick Santorum set the model by visiting all 99 counties in Iowa or if the Mitt Romney style of running negative ads against a feared rival and barley setting foot in Iowa will be considered the way to run a presidential campaign in Iowa.

The biggest news coming out of last night's caucuses was that Michelle Bachmann will suspend her campaign, and Rick Perry is coming back to Texas to reassess his options. As Jim Rome likes to say," it's all about score board." You can't continue without fresh money, and that's what you get if you are in contention.

Newt Gingrich pretty much laid out his game plan for revenge. He said that he won't run any negative ads. I believe him 'cause it doesn't have a lot of money left, but he will unleash his attacks in this weekend's debates, and he's got his sights fixed on Romney. I think Newt will eventually endorse Santorum but will stay in the race long enough to try to convince GOP votes that Mitt Romney is not conservative enough and Ron Raul's foreign policy is too dangerous for America. The New Hampshire primary will be next Tuesday, so there's not a lot of time for counterattacks, so these maneuvers might help Rick Santorum, but it won't be enough to surpass Mitt Romney's huge lead in New Hampshire. All this will be sorted out on the 21st of January at the South Carolina primary.Wiil Santorum be able to raise funds to sustain a national election?

The concession speeches by Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul were pretty revealing. Newt Gingrich congratulated Rick Santorum and Ron Paul and once again vilified the negative ads of Mitt Romney. This is just my opinion, but it seems to me that Ron Paul just wants to deliver his message and is not that interested in winning the presidency. It looks like to me that he just wants to acquire enough delegates to use as leverage at GOP convention. He wants to try to get the party and nominee to adopt Austrian economics. Ron Paul's son Senator Rand Paul looked like he had lost his last dime in the stock market, as he stood listening to his father's speech thanking his supporters.

The conventional wisdom is that this race will be between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney. Rick Santorum has not had any widespread media scrutiny, but it won't be hard to find because he's said some pretty weird things, especially on social issues. For example, just recently said, "I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money. I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money and provide for themselves and their families.”

When Santorum was questioned about the statement “he said he deplores racism and doesn't remember the context he was using. That's a plausible, but the video is out there for others to see. If that's what he meant, then he should have checked his facts because "The number of Medicaid recipients has surged in recent years because of high unemployment and a weak economy, but the majority of recipients are white. Nationally, 43 percent of those who received Medicaid in 2009-2010 were non-elderly white Americans, compared to Hispanics, who comprised 28 percent Hispanics and blacks at 22 percent. African-Americans make up only about 12 percent of the total population."

Jon Stewart summed up the GOP horse race to a Whitman's box of chocolate samples. He said, " Let's call it a "White Man's Sampler." Then he said the GOP voters took a bite of the first chocolate (Bachmann) and thought it had too many nuts in it, and then the party went through all the chocolates leaving the Santorum chocolate for last.

The GOP choices angered the Donald, so he hinted that he might run as an independent. Here we go again.