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I've been saying that in order for our economy to recover we have to make job creation a priority, but still must have to invest in research and development, innovation, and infrastructure. The private sector will take the lead when creating jobs, but our government still has to do its part with necessary oversight that does not restrict growth. We also have to take steps to limit the enormous influence corporate money has on our politicians. There are several other steps we must take but reducing military spending is on the list.

I became ecstatic after hearing the report from the Bureau of labor statistics this morning. There was a decline in layoffs and an increase in hiring. The report stated that 200,000 jobs were created last month beating expectations by 45,000. Unemployment is now at 8.5%, and that's the lowest since February of 2009. Public-sector jobs decreased by 12,000 last month and 280,000 for the year. The economy produced 23,000. Manufacturing jobs are increasing because it's getting more expensive to ship those goods. It's also a case where China's growth has created a larger middle class that demands more pay.

Where the jobs were created:

Transportation: 50,000 Retail: 28,000 Manufacturing: 23,000 Construction: 17,000

"The projected hiring gains would mark a six-month stretch in which the economy generated 100,000 jobs or more in each month. The last time that happened was in April 2006 — more than a year and a half before the country plunged into the Great Recession."

We still need to do better, and I know that there's other ways to analyze these numbers, but I believe this is a good sign because of the trends. What's not in these numbers like fewer women seeking jobs, 10,000 baby boomers going into Medicare every day, and those no longer seeking jobs make these numbers more realistic.

It seems that those supporting a candidate to supplant President Obama would want their choice to start with a growing economy and not have what this president inherited. If the numbers stand up and unemployment is at 7.4 % in October the President Obama will win because everyone can see all this was accomplished without drastic cuts, more corporate tax cuts, and measures to take us back to the conditions that got us into this mess. There is still a lot of work to do but more can be accomplished from a position of strength.

President Obama unleashed a new military strategy of a leaner and meaner military in Asia and the Pacific region. It continues a strong presence in the Middle East. US ground forces will no longer be large enough to conduct prolonged, large-scale counterinsurgency campaigns like those in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our withdrawal from Iraq will help our economy and so will the eventual withdrawal from Afghanistan. It's going to be a smaller footprint with more secret operations and will continue to invest in counter terrorism, intelligence gathering, cyber warfare, and countering the proliferation of nuclear weapons. There a lot of things in the budget cuts that will be controversial such as benefit cuts for military personnel, so for those that think that is just a political decision, I think it's a risky proposition. I can just hear Mitt Romney saying," The president is making us vulnerable to attacks from our enemy, and we recruited these kids and now we're shorting them on their benefits.

Since it was a conservative led Justice Roberts Supreme Court decision that allowed businesses to spend as freely as individuals in campaigns, I'm glad it's the Republican conservatives are finally pushing back on this law. The presidential candidates (minus Mitt Romney) are complaining about the undisclosed Super PAC money being used in this campaign. Now the ultra-conservative state of Montana is pushing back. “The Montana Supreme Court has issued a forceful rebuff of that decision. In new opinion drawing on Montana's coal and copper mining history, the court upheld the state's century-old corporate contribution limits, concluding that "the corporate power that can be exerted with unlimited political spending is still a vital interest to the people of Montana."

The decision, handed down last week, applies only to state elections in Montana. However, if it is appealed as expected, the case could provide the long-awaited vehicle critics have sought for the U.S. Supreme Court to revisit the issue decided in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission.

Finally, President Obama's appointed a "director for the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau without the consent of Congress. The appointment of former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray did, in fact, push the edge of the constitutional envelope. But it was a rational response to an increasingly gridlocked Congress and a growing willingness among lawmakers to employ procedural tools to stop the executive branch from functioning."

It's about time that Richard Cordray will be allowed to get busy and gives us the protection consumers need. Those who download apps from iTunes will be relieved to get a one one-page instead of that never ending and scrolling contract that no one ever reads and just clicks OK. Did you know that you signed away your right to sue your cell phone provider? The cell phone provider included a clause in the contract that said that any issue you had with the cell phone company would be settled by an arbitrator, and it also said that you accepted that with the next use of your cell phone. The republicans say that there's nothing wrong with Richard Cordray, it's that they don't like his agency being inside the fed; they want some control. It's like the control we had over" Too big to Fail" in 2008 and a lack of oversight we have now. This is all driven by Wall Street lobbyist.

The Republican Congress has threaten to sue the president and I hope they do because it’s high time the courts decide what constitutes presidential authority and it may shed some light on the arcane rules the senate has been using to prevent up or down votes on legislation and appointments.I'm a strong supporter of separation of powers but I know we have a broken government and someone needs to take the lead. The president is now stepping up to the plate but is it too late or is he overstepping his bounds? We shall see in November.