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For the past several weeks I have assisted in what I thought would be a long a grueling experience; that was taking part in a city council campaign. To my surprise, it has been one of the most interesting, and even exciting experiences yet…and I am only 17 years old, completing my first semester at the Victoria College.

Being a participant of Mr. James Martinez’s campaign has been an experience that I believe will prove to be valuable for many more ventures ahead. I never would have taken the time to consider all the details involved for such an event. Who would give it a second thought to invest the time and effort toward something that you cannot take home and call your own? Selfish – I know – but this was my initial attitude.

Now that I have taken inventory of my efforts, and even the efforts of all the others who made Mr. Martinez’s campaign a success, I am truly proud to have had a small part in something so significant. I enjoyed the opportunity to serve my community and help make a difference.

In fact, I believe that is the real “big picture” moment for me. That is, being an active young adult in my community has made this experience monumental for me. I encourage all my peers to decide today to make a difference and give back to our community, because in the near future, it will be ours to manage.

The only factor that I am disappointed in is my not being of legal age to vote. Without a single doubt, and if I were 18 years old already, I would definitely cast my vote for Mr. James Martinez. Please take this opportunity to cast your vote this Saturday, May 9, 2009. Polls will be open until 7pm; your vote counts.

Thank you, Ariel Santos-Valis