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Although this blog is all about what's new in pop culture, every once in awhile it is pertinent to go back to the past just to see how far we've come. And today, one Advocate reader showed me a past that made me cringe while simultaneously made me rejoice that I live in the present.

So what was this oh-so-revealing bit of past?

Well, in today's letter to the editor, Wayne Johns (or as I like to refer to him, Prude McSexist) wrote:

 "Whatever happened to little girls playing with dolls and dreaming of becoming wives and mothers? Whatever happened to young men looking for a good Christian wife and finding a young woman still clinging to her doll? Me, old fashioned? I guess. Me, a male chauvinist pig? To answer that I would have to say, “Oink, oink, oink.”"

And to that I say, whatever happened to old men shutting the hell up?

Seriously, dude? Seriously you believe crap like that? Well, for one, my condolences to your wife and any daughters you may have. And two, I'm sorry you're offended by all of us liberated women flashing our ankles around like a bunch of hussies but um...what can I say? They gave us the vote and then we got all uppity, believing we could think for ourselves and realizing we didn't have to be in a constant state of pregnancy if we didn't want to be.

Oh, and three, don't be surprised if you find all your tires flat because a gang of women slashed them with their stilettos.

And as a young woman, as much as I'd like to be sitting around clinging to my doll as I wait for some good Christian man to find me, I find that unfortunately, God blessed me with brains and common sense.

I guess there aren't too many insults I can sling your way Mr. Johns, considering you already fully realize you are a male chauvinist pig. The only thing really left to say is that I find that most men who are trying to keep women down are inferior to women in almost every way.

But I do agree with one aspect of your particular brand of thinking, Mr. Johns. And that is that women do belong in the house...and the Senate.