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So last night I went to go see Ailey II at the Welder Center and all I can say is "Wow!" (well, that and is the third guy from the left during the last dance single? Because Wow!, again).

It's not the first time I saw the renown dance company perform but each time they just seem to get better and better. And as a veteran ballet dancer (and by that I mean the year I took it when I was 6 and the one lone college semester I took it to avoid taking a math class) I can honestly say I did not, in fact, know the human body was capable of that kind of movement. Well, at least not this human body (but then again, maybe I should put down the Cheeto's and the remote).

I mean, the Ailey II dancers made their bodies do things I thought was only possible with special effects and CGI animation. And I kept looking for the strings that had to be helping them out, but either David Blaine is on their costume staff or they really are doing those moves on their own.

And the choreography! Dance has come a long way from my 1987 pink tutu ront de jambe. Usually when you think of modern dance, you think of some hippie teacher telling the class to "be a're a mighty tree blowing in the wind."

But this, these dances were epic tales, an opera with movement.

Oh, and did I mention the beautiful man third from the left? Yummy.

Anyhoo, I know the city has gotten a lot of flack from young people such as myself for there being nothing to do around here and while I agree with them on some points, the fact that we managed to get this NYC dance company to our little city twice is a major accomplishment in my opinion.

Ailey II is simply an experience that is indescribable for the most part (although I could go on and on about the beautiful man third from the left). I don't know if there are any tickets left for tonight's performance, but if there are, I highly recommend you scoot your little behind out the door and purchase them.

But just remember, if the man third from the left happens to be single, hands off. I called dibs.