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Remember the chubby adolescent sitting at his computer desk, dancing his little heart out to some weird German song? (Oh, come on people, it was only back in 2004). Commonly referred to as the Numa Numa Dance, the homemade video was an Internet sensation and it's estimated to  have been viewed 700 million times.

Along with another homemade video, The Star Wars Kid (in which another chubby adolescent runs around showing off his Star Wars light saber moves) these simply-made videos signaled the explosion of online amateur video.

But it seems the heyday of the geek/funny man/crazy girl amateur is already over. (Well, although it's only been a few years, amateur video makers can take at least some relief in the fact that they lasted longer than most Hollywood marriages).

According to an article in Business Week, in today's "don't blink or you'll miss the upgrade" technology world, user-generated content on online video sites may already be on the way out, replaced by slick, Hollywood produced videos.

According to the story ,

both viewers and advertisers are becoming more interested in professionally produced content online. Many online video sites are now scaling back their user generated content, if not canceling it all together.

And now Hollywood is flooding the net with their professional content in the hopes to make a buck or nine million.

To me, this signals a sad (and incredibly quick) change. I still remember the day I discovered the Numa Numa guy (linked here for your pleasure if you happened to have been living under a rock for the past three years). I thought it was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. And the reason I thought that was because he was just a regular dude, being goofy, just like all of us are from time to time (some more than say deciding to film a short video of you hunting a chupacabra...not that I would sink that low or anything).  

And yeah sure, Hollywood does come up with some great stuff. But they already control the movies, TV and the souls of more than just a few actors.

Hopefully this doesn't mean the end for people like the Numa Numa guy or the Star Wars Kid. They brightened up the world a bit with their crazy antics and they didn't do it for money. And perhaps that's what made ammeter video so great in the first place.