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1. Finally finish a game of power hour

2. Buy furniture that doesn't have the words "bean" or "La-Z" in the title

3. Get elected to Congress

Okay, speaking for myself, I'm well on my way to accomplishing one and two. And at 27, I feel this is a major step toward becoming a fully functioning adult (and a major step toward house guests not complaining that their backs are all out of whack thanks to a sleepless night in my living room).

But then another 27-year-old has to come along and make all my achievements look pitiful. On Jan. 20, Aaron Schock will become the first United States congressman born during the 1980s. (Click on the link above to read a Q&A with the man).

A Republican from Illinois, Schock was just 19 when he first got involved in politics, getting elected onto the Peoria school board. Since then, the 20-something has been putting dents into our generation's reputation for being lazy and unprofessional by quickly moving his way up until he finally landed at Capitol Hill.

And even though the dude is making the rest of us look pathetic, I give him major props. In an interview, Schock said he thinks it's important that Congress is diverse and not just in gender and ethnicity. Our leaders shouldn't all be the same age as well.

And I couldn't agree more. Hmm...Brandon in 2012, anyone?