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Man, I must be getting old. Hadn't even heard of that one. But plenty of other people must have considering Webster (you know, the dictionary folks) chose it as their Word of the Year.

Still scratching your head? Luckily, they also provided a definition:

overshare (verb): to divulge excessive personal information, as in a blog or broadcast interview, prompting reactions ranging from alarmed discomfort to approval.

And here's the word being used in context:

Oversharing is the latest indulgence embraced by one generation and worrying another. Teens and twentysomethings raised by the Internet have no locks on their hearts and bedrooms. This drives baby boomers, who’d previously owned the market on narcissism, into a fitful frenzy. Kids dropping their own names instead of dropping acid? How wrong.”
—Los Angeles Times

“...Emily Gould popularized the word in a May 25 article in the New York Times Magazine. That column sparked a massive public debate, with a small army of bloggers trying to judge the value of intimate personal blogging. Call it “The Overshare War’ — the battle between fans of artistic personal disclosure and the people who hate it.’”
—Geekcentric, The Overshare War

Personally, I think the word of the year should have more chutzpah but what can you do?

So which words lost out to overshare?

leisure sickness


selective ignorance (my personal fave)


Any other votes for Word of the Year?