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W00t! Clear out the aisles, boys. Momma now has a psychological reason to go shoe shopping.

Yes, in simply fan-freakin-tastic news today, it seems that women who love shoes (ahem...such as, oh-I-don't-know...ME!) have a good reason for spending way too much money on 500 pairs of stilettos. Deep down, we are drawn to shoes and the meanings behind them.

In a news video on Yahoo, a reporter delves into the psychological reasonings behind women's love for shoes (giving women everywhere more ammo against their husband's arguments of "But don't you already own enough shoes?"...The answer? NEVER!).

Call it the Cinderella complex, but putting on a fabulous pair of shoes actually seems to change the way women not only walk (or limp if it's for too many blocks) but also how we see ourselves.

So, honey, for the sake of my self esteem, I had to steal your credit card and head out to the mall, you see? Don't be angry. It's for my mental health. A doctor on TV said so.

Now if I could only get a psychologist to legitimize my love of expensive cocktails, my life would be completely justified.