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Yes, people, I'll admit it. I am a card-carrying member of the Overzealous Christmas Lovers Club. Beginning Dec. 1, the Christmas tunes are playing non-stop (much to the chagrin of anyone riding shotgun or who happens to be a house guest).

So I decided to use my expertise in this area to compile my picks for the best 10 Christmas songs. And yes, I realize that some people will get their Santa hats all in a twist because I left some great songs off this list, but come on, folks. It's Christmas. Be nice. Santa's watching.

And just to get it out of the way so you won't be searching for them, ditties concerning Rudolph, Frosty or jingling bells were left off. They are overplayed and if it wasn't for the context of Christmas, would probably be considered crappy songs.

And now, onto the list (in no particular order):

Santa Baby: Eartha Kitt puts some sass into the holiday season with this one. Suddenly, Christmas seems much more glamorous and swigging from a martini glass seems totally in place as your slaving away baking those gingerbread cookies. Who says Christmas has to be all about the kids?

Silver Bells: Call me a sucker for Johnny Mathis but to me, the Christmas season doesn't officially start until I hear this song.

Baby It's Cold Outside: How any woman can even hesitate for a second when Dean Martin is begging you in his silky, sexy voice to stay is beyond me. Yes, baby it is cold outside and yes, baby, I will stay. In fact, I'll stay as long as you want me to, Deano.

 Happy Christmas (War Is Over): It's an unlikely Christmas hit but it's a classic with substance. And tell me you don't feeling something stirring in your heart that is three sizes too small when you hear that chorus of children's voices.

 All I Want for Christmas: Okay, let me preface this choice with my feelings on Mariah Carey. I hate her. Deeply. Truly. PASSIONATELY. But somehow in between her diva antics and skanky outfits, she created a true contemporary Christmas classic.

 Do You Hear What I Hear?: For everyone, there is that one Christmas song they hear that almost brings tears to your eyes every holiday season. For me, it's this song, especially if it's a pre-crackhead Whitney Houston belting it out. I do hear what you hear, Whit, and it's freakin' beautiful.

 The Chipmunk Song: Maybe I'm nostalgic for the days when my cousins and I would suck the air out of helium balloons and sing this song much to the delight of our parents, but either way, this song is a definite Christmas classic.

I'll Be Home for Christmas: It may not be as cheery as other songs, but what makes this song so great is it reminds those of us who are home for Christmas just how lucky we are to be there. Not everyone gets to be.

O Holy Night: There are usually two kinds of people when it comes to Christmas music: Those that prefer "Silent Night" and those that prefer "O Holy Night." As you can see, I'm in the latter. It's a far superior song, especially if sung right by a huge choir. And if you don't get goosebumps when the explosive "Fall on your knees" part begins...well, then you're probably going to hell, my friend (DISCLAIMER: Aprill is not a religious scholar in any way, or an expert in any field really, and as such, everything she says should be taken tongue-in-cheek).

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer: I'll probably get run out of town by this choice, but what can I say? It cracks me up every time. Plus, I have a feeling someday I'm going to be that grandma who drank too much eggnog and forgot her medication, so I can sympathize with her plight.

Honorable Mention: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas