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It's a trend that hit big in Japan in the 90's and in more recent years gained a following here in the U.S. Called Lolita Fashion (and thusly, those who adhere to the style are called Lolita Girls) it originated as a fasion subculture in Japan and is influenced mainly by Victorian era children's clothing and costumes from the Rococo period.

And now it has hit Victoria.

On a recent Advocate discussion forum, one poster brought up the fact that she and her friends are Lolita Girls.

Always being big into fashion and unique styles, this got me interested in doing a story on this unique trend from the East. And as such, I'm looking for anyone out there who is a Lolita Girl or likes to wear this style who wouldn't mind being interviewed for the story.

If interested, feel free to drop me a line at 361-580-6514 or email me at