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Sure we love our CD's, MP3 players and iPods, and, of course, not having to deal with commericals (I mean, no likes phrases like "Sunday! Sunday! SUNDAY!" being blared at them).

But call me an old fart if you will, there is just nothing that can compare to driving around with your windows down (once the temperatures drops below 130 degrees) and listening to some good, old-fashioned radio.

Unfortunately, radio's days may be numbered.  According to a  New York Times story, attempts at trying to attract a younger audience to the radio industry have been failing. The Web site,, goes into further detail on this trend.

I, for one, find this trend alarming. I mean, I love my iPod but still I grew up listening to the radio as a child and even as a teen. And no one likes to see a staple of their youth going to the dogs.

I mean, remember when you used to try and make a mixed tape off the radio, trying to record only the songs you liked, your fingers ready on the record and pause buttons? And then in the end, you ended up with a tape that missed the beginning of every song no matter how fast you were?

And there was that feeling of anticipation of what the next song they were going to play was, not to mention when you kept flipping from channel to channel in the hopes of hearing your favorite song again.

And what about morning shows? When I lived in Ohio, I was addicted to Bob and Tom in the morning, and here in Victoria, I love me some Joe and Ash in the morning (honestly, who doesn't love the "Real People, Real Stupid" segment?).

All hope may not be lost, however. As one study shows, more youth are listening to the radio than they were last year. So tune in, people. The fight ain't over yet.