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Oh, I don't know, how about making video games that border on sexist...and if not sexist, than at least ridiculously stupid.

It seems Paramount, in all its money-hungry glory, is coming out with a series of video games based off their movies "Clueless," "Mean Girls," and "Pretty in Pink." According to the Web site, Paramount picked the films because of their appeal to female tweens, teens and young adults (re: girls are frilly and need frilly games).

The company even goes further and says that these games are for the casual gamer, mostly female (BIG surprise) that likes less intense, more "fun" games.

Now, I don't know about you, but playing a game where I am Lindsay Lohan sounds about as much fun to me as getting eaten by a lion very, very slowly as someone pulls my teeth out one by one.

I mean, what are girls going to do during the game? Shop? Crush on a virtual dude? Slowly destroy each other's lives via evil cliques? Call me crazy, but I think young females already do most of those things on a daily basis in real life. What's the fun then, of repeating that in a game?

But I think what bugs me the most is that Paramount just assumes girls don't want to play the shoot 'em up games (you know, the fun ones). I mean, maybe I'm wrong and there are girls out there who would dig this kind of game, but to me, it just seems like a lame excuse Paramount is using to tap into a certain market.

Well, the less intense girls can have fun figuring out how to get Molly Ringwald to the prom with her dream guy. But I'm going to stick with my fast cars, big guns and wicked firepower.

(Although if they ever do decide to make a game where we get to shoot up Lindsay Lohan, then we're talking).