Blogs » Pop Goes the Culture » Are commercials starting to cross the line?


Or has our culture merely become too sensitive and (I can already hear the groans) too politically correct ?

Well, kids, here's an interesting article on just that very topic. According to the Web site, uproars over a recent Snickers commercial and one for Verizon Wireless have many people debating if ads are going too far or if people need to just lighten up.

To sum it up for those of you who don't have time to read the whole article (which, let's be honest, is about 90 percent of you), a Snickers commercial featuring Mr. T machine gunning the candy at an effeminate man had gay rights organizations in an uproar (keep in mind the tagline was "Snickers. Get Some Nuts."). Claiming it condoned violence against gays, the protesters eventually won and the commercial was pulled.

And then Verizon got dog and animal lovers foaming at the mouth with their recent commercial of a pair of pit bulls lunging at a guy, only to be jerked back by their chains.

My take on all this brouhaha? Me thinks we need to lighten up just wee bit here, folks. Let's save all this "grab some torches and pitchforks" mentality for things that really deserve people who are actually violent toward gays or hold dogs fights.

Any other thoughts out there?