As the Arts and Entertainment reporter, I write many articles on upcoming events. Regardless of what organization puts it on, if it comes across my desk, I will write about it. It's part of my job to keep people informed of what is going on their hometown.

I've written about events for Martin Luther King Day, various Christmas pageants put on by area churches, music festivals like Bach and Jazz, local band performances, community theater performances, charity concerts, dance recitals, nonprofit fundraisers, local art shows and museum exhibits, food drives...the list goes on and on.

So when GLBT contacted me about their event, I felt it was part of my job to inform the community about their gay pride celebration. Not to mention, it was the first time they had ever put on an event like this in the area, which made it even more newsworthy (just as if any other organization in the area had started a new event, it would make for a longer article).

I know many people have claimed that the media is pushing some sort of agenda by publishing stories about the gay community, but to that I say, does it also mean we are pushing some sort of religious agenda considering we have an entire section devoted to faith that runs each week? We even have a reporter who's title is Faith and Family reporter and his job is to cover any story that falls into that realm.