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Well, it's official. Hell has frozen over, those pigs are flying and people everywhere are stepping over my dead body.

Someone has written an "Essential Guide" to the Emo Culture. I wish I was kidding, folks.

Although it shouldn't be too surprising. Emo, in my oh-so-humble-opinion, has been dead for years, so it makes sense that only now is the corporate machine trying to cash in on it. Kind of how like by the time people caught on to the grunge phase, it was already over (and most never truly got the spirit of grunge...buying wide leg jeans with manufactured rips and buying torn T-shirts at A&F for $50 a pop was not "grunge," my friends).

But while Emo is finally having its mainstream 15 minutes, another subculture fashion fad is quickly rising through the ranks of cool (although by the time you read this it will probably already be...oh, yep, sorry, it's already over).

According to an article in the Contra Costa Times, the new style has been dubbed "the scene" and is full of "bright colors and goofy 'look at me' style points, like tiaras, ballet tutus and tattoos. Scene girls wear glitzy makeup or fashion their style after 1960s David Bowie."

Basically, It's kind of like being covered in tattoos but those tattoos are of rainbows and cupcakes.

Leading the way on this new post-emo look is Audrey Kitching and Hanna Beth, two models based out of L.A. According to the article, these ladies are causing a splash among teens through social networking sites like Myspace.

Having checked out these girls for myself, I gotta admit, I dig this style. In fact, it reminds me a little of my own style, only a bit more "out there" (it's awkward enough to interview people with my nose ring, let alone plopping a tiara into the mix).

And let's be honest, I hated Emo since the day it crawled out of the gutter and onto the street. Society has needed a good, funky, new trend to emerge and "the scene" is pumping life back into the  "mini-skirt and come get me stilettos" fashion craze that the likes of Paris Hilton and La Lohan have been jamming down our throats.

To see more photos of "the scene" click here.

R.I.P. Emo. It's been nice, we knew you.