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I have to admit, when contemplating what I should get for my next tattoo, an image of Shakespeare or my favorite quote from "For Whom the Bell Tolls" never crossed my mind.

But that's what makes America so great, folks. The fact that it did cross someone's mind.

Yes, the latest rage in permanent ink? Literary tattoos. (Check out a whole stock of pictures here).

Being an avid reader, almost to the point where it's a sickness (seriously, I once read for 10 hours straight...darn you "Da Vinci Code!"), I actually think this is a pretty cool idea. I mean, a quote from the Bible or a portrait of Edgar Allen Poe is definitely more meaningful than having Tweety Bird resting on your forearm.

And besides, often times books, really good books, can help us as humans to evolve and grow, to think and change. I can't recall how many times I've been deeply moved by something someone wrote and have carried that with me wherever I go.

Now the only question is, do I literally want to carry that around with me wherever I go (Bah-dum-Ching!).

Well, I guess we'll see. I have been in the market for a new tattoo and I think an image of Dave Barry standing by an exploding toilet may look nice splayed across my back. Or perhaps Dorothy Parker drinking a martini on my shoulder? Or maybe Nick Hornby on my rear? Ah, decisions, decisions...

Sidenote: While I'm all for tatting it up, there is one new tattoo trend you couldn't pay me a million dollars to do. According to the mom-friendly Web site, Mom Logic, the latest rage in ink is getting the inside of your lower lip tattooed. Oh, trust me, you read that right...the INSIDE of your lower facial lip (just clarifying for all those with their minds in the gutter). I don't think I could have come up with a more disturbing and painful place to repeatedly place a needle in than that location. Let's just hope that inner eyelid tattoo doesn't become big any time soon ("But Mom, since I got my eyelid tattooed, every time I close my eyes I can see Kermit the Frog").