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Ah, the prom. I remember mine well. I wore a dress that my mom repeatedly reminded me was $200 over the limit she set for me. My updo was so high I kept hitting it on the car roof. My friends and I all promised we stay BFF's as we sang at the top of our lungs to "Time Of Your Life" by Green Day.

And Roger Sherman puked in the corner from the Peach Schnapps he snuck in.

Good times.

And it's memories like these that every teen should take away from their prom (although the Roger Sherman puking part you're probably better off without).

Unless, apparently, you want to go stag, in which case you and your dateless behind can sit at home and mope.

According to a video report on, the interim principal at a New York all-girls school has banned girls who don't have dates from going to the junior prom. Why, you ask? Well, the principal refuses to make a comment so it's anybody's guess at this point.

But if she's trying to send a message that being without a man is unacceptable for a young lady, mission accomplished.

What's wrong with going stag to a prom? Most of my friends did it or just went with a big group of friends, myself included. And we had a mighty fabulous time without a "date."

And I can only imagine the poor girls who are trying to scramble for a date. Cousins throughout the state of New York I'm sure are getting frantic phone calls even as we speak.

So thank you, Mr. or Ms. Interim Principal for teaching our female youth that it not okay to be single and happy (insert giant dose of sarcasm here).