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It seems that if you are a young pregnant teen, you just can't win. Damned if you get an abortion and damned if you decide to keep it.

If you have an abortion, not only do you have to live with that decision for the rest of your life but then there are the people who will condemn you for it for the rest of their lives.

If you keep it, you will have the stigma of the "unwed teenage mother" and people will condemn you for being on government aid programs, whether you are or not. And even if you do marry the father, there is still the stigma of the "shotgun" wedding, not to mention an increased chance of divorce due to marrying at such a young age. .

Since the news broke of Gov. Sarah Palin's 17-year-old daughter being 5-months pregnant, everyone and their cousin Merle is joining in on the discussion of teen pregnancies. Just when we finally thought the hoopla over the Juno Effect was over, it comes roaring back to life.

FOX News did a story posing the question of whether or not the American public will rally around Bristol Palin the way they did Juno.

According to the Boston Globe, "one third of the nation's girls get pregnant by age 20, the highest rate among fully industrialized nations." Reasons for the rise are unclear although the group's chief program officer said it would be "pretty naive to think that things like 'Juno' and Jamie Lynn Spears don't shape the social script. They certainly do."

My thoughts? Although "Juno" was a great movie, I have a feeling most young girls are smart enough to realize that getting pregnant isn't one giant glib joke. I think any rise in teen pregnancies probably has to do with kids being introduced to sex at younger ages and our overly-sexualized society.

And as for Bristol Palin? I could care less if she is pregnant. She isn't running for office.

Maybe it's time we stop condemning these girls and start focusing that energy on how we can reduce the amount of teen pregnancies.