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Poor guys. In the face of an ever-changing culture, young men are getting mixed messages about how they are supposed to act.

According to this USA Today article, today's guy is supposed to treat women as their equals, yet still wear the pants in the household, yet be sensitive, and yet still masculine. In the complex mind of today's woman (a scary place for you men, we know), most females confess they want a guy who will snuggle while watching "Gossip Girl" with them and yet still swing a punch in a bar to defend their honor.

According to Glenn Good, professor of counseling psychology at the University of Missouri-Columbia, in the past, images of manhood glorified drinking and womanizing but today there seems to be equal pressure to be sensitive.

"A large proportion of young males view drinking and having sexual conquests as the appropriate way to begin to prove they are an adult male," Good says. "Their male peers are saying 'Be tough' and girls are saying 'Tell me about your feelings."

While I don't agree with everything in the article (what was once considered "typical" office behavior is now sexual harassment? Come on, it was always sexual harassment, it's just no one did anything about it), it does explain a lot about my guy college friends and how they acted.

I remember one time one of my good guy friends was watching "Armageddon" with a group of us girls and actually started crying during the part where Ben Affleck tearfully says goodbye to Bruce Willis. Naturally, all of us girls did a collective "aww..." and thought we had found a new breed of man.

And then a few hours later, he got wasted and hooked up with the dumb blond chick from Room 114.

So guys, I feel for you. As hard as it is to be a chick today, you may even have it tougher in the arena of trying to figure out how the world works and how you fit into it.

Now lets get a beer, get rowdy and have a  "Sex and the City" marathon.