Blogs » Pop Goes the Culture » Ike is taking my Yankee chastity


Well, I knew it had to happen eventually. After 2.5 years in South Texas, my luck was bound to run out.

I will finally experience my first hurricane.

Granted, I'm still not too sure I want it to be Ike. I mean, I just learned his name a couple days ago, for crying out loud. And he seems rather unpredictable and angry. Not to mention, is he the kind of hurricane that will cuddle after the storm?

But I can't keep my hurricane virginity forever, so this weekend, I'm bound to finally find out just what it is all my coastal friends have been bragging about all these years ("Oh, Aprill, my first time was great...Hurricane Steve was so gentle through the whole thing").

And sure, I'm scared. But I've got protection (is it bad to double up on plywood?) and I've had the "talk" with weather experts (when a Mommy wind and a Daddy wind fall in love, they create a special little wind that grows and grows...).

So wish me luck, readers. I'm finally ready to truly become a coastal resident.