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In all the various fashion trends and subculture looks I've tried out over the years (hello Courtney Love smeared lipstick look) the one look I never got was Goth. Which is surprising to many considering my love of black eyeliner, dark nail polish and my brief love affair with deep purple lipstick (ah, tube of Vamp Vixen, how I miss thee).

But what can I say? I love me some color in my pigment and am incapable of wearing all black without throwing in a colorful scarf or bright red high heels.

But regardless of how I view it, Goth is one of the few subculture looks that has stuck around and doesn't seem to be going away any time soon, according to this interesting article by the New York Times.

The story gives an in-depth view of Goth and those who adhere to it, examining everything from white faced teens, to vampire lore, to even haute couture-Goth style.

And it kind of gave me a new appreciation for Goth and the mindset behind it. I'm always for rebellion and rebellious looks. And I think too often I have oversimplified Goth as merely some whiny kids who dressed in all black and spent all their time perfecting that disenchanted look in their eye.

Goth culture is much more interesting and storied than that.