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Just another hit. That's all I wanted. I just didn't want the high to stop. I had spent all Sunday afternoon immersed in my happy little world and I only had about 20 pages left before the high stopped and I had to go back to the dismal (insert ominous music here) real world.

I won't lie. I was freaking out, man. Although I had just read 500 pages, it wasn't enough. And of course, I hadn't bought the next book yet. What was I going to do? Just do nothing until I went to bed? Settle for watching TV?

Nope. Not me. Like any true addict, I ran out to the bookstore in the sweats I had been wearing all day and sans makeup to buy my next fix: the next installment of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series.

I was on the third book, "Eclipse." First I went to Hastings. In the four book series, they had all but one. I'll give you three guesses as to which one they were out of.

So I trotted over to the mall a whooping five minutes before they closed. And there on the shelf at Waldenbooks were all the Meyer for one.

A little more frantic now, I drove over to Target. They had a small book section. Naturally, they had 82 billion copies of the just recently released fourth book, but no dice on the third.

Then it was on to H-E-B. Again, they had the stupid freaking fourth book, but not the third. How did all these stores expect me to read the FOURTH book when I hadn't read the THIRD book yet! HUH?!? It was just ludicrous.

And I want to know just who is buying up these copies of "Eclipse." Who, I ask you! Why in a city of Victoria's size are there no copies of this book? How is this even possible? Is it an elaborate joke? Am I in an episode of the "Twilight Zone?"

But, I digress. I'm letting my addiction get the better of me. See what Meyer has done to me with her tales of love between a girl and a vampire? I mean, these books are what I like to call literary junk food for adults.  You know you should be absorbing something healthier and more adult-like but yet it feels so good when you binge on these easy-to-read young adult books.

And I am pheening for my next binge.

Alas it seems I will have to wait. Perhaps try to fend off my yearning by reading another book for awhile. Or beat up a 7th grade girl for her copy of "Eclipse."

And in the meantime, I will silently curse Stephenie Meyer in my head repeatedly for the hold she has on me. I used to be respectable...well, respectable-er.