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Today, in "People Who Have Too Much Time On Their Hands" news, it seems someone has created an album of music just for dogs.

I'll give you some time to absorb that last statement...

... (checks watch) ...

... (clears throat) ...

No, seriously. The L.A.-based Laurel Canyon Animal Company has utilized the talents of (and here's my second favorite part) Intuitive Animal Communicator Dr. Kim Ogden to (and I quote) "build a bridge between humans and animals through music."

The CD is called "Songs to Make Dogs Happy" and their No. 1 hit, at least among dogs is called...give me a moment to compose myself... "Squeaky Deaky."

According to a news release, Dr. Ogden spent eight months putting together focus groups of dogs to test their responses to the music and lyrics for the CD. The result is a big waste of"a CD that dogs love to listen to."

While I realize these peoples' hearts are probably in the right place, I hate to tell them what a monumental waste of time this CD is. As an owner of two dogs myself, I must say that I don't think dogs know the difference between a specialized, thoroughly researched CD made especially for them and when you just leave the radio on.

I mean, we're talking about creatures who sniff butts as a form of greeting (both animal and human). Creatures who, even though every time you have left them you have always come back home, think each time you leave you are never coming back. These are animals that don't even understand the difference between Mommy's VERY expensive shoes and their stupid 99 cent bones that are scattered all over the floor! (Or at least that's the case with my beloved Buffy...who was a very bad dog last night. VERY BAD!).

Don't get me wrong. I love my two dogs. They are like family. I'd do anything for them (as long as they leave Mommy's SHOES ALONE!). But I draw the line at buying music suited to their taste. Until they get their own job and help pay the bills, we're listening to what I want to.