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So with Wall Street in crisis and words like "bailout," "collapse" and "AHHHHHHH" being tossed around lately in regards to America's economic future, the only real question anyone cares about is this:

Forget the country, how does this affect ME?

Okay, so maybe not everyone is that selfish but it is a question on most people's minds. But while those who invest and have enough money that they don't have to charge Ramen Noodles to their credit card are freaking out, should 20-somethings be worried?

I mean, let's face it. Most of us are just living paycheck to paycheck anyway, more worried about how to pay rent then our non-existent stock portfolio. But still, it's looking like a pretty bleak economic future for us (considering by the time we retire, it looks like when we ask for our Social Security checks, we'll be laughed at all the empty-handed way home).

An interesting debate between two 20-something staffers at Newsweek addresses this issue over whether or not we should be worried. Kind of like a Goofus and Gallant thing, only with bigger, more sophisticated words.

As for me, am I worried? Well heck yeah. Are you nuts? 

My money is already stretched so tight it's about to snap like rubber band and whack me in the eye, causing me to not only be broke but blind as well (and I won't be able to afford the eye patch). With prices going up everywhere, my bank account is about to go from bad to downright pitiful.

But then again, at the same time, there is also this feeling of "Well, there's nothing I can do about it." Call it a quirk of my generation but I don't see a need to wig out over something that looks inevitable and I can't personally change.

And the good news is that maybe this crisis will teach us credit card debt loving young'uns that we need to be more careful with our money, save more and for the love of all that is green, get out there and vote. We may not be able to change our future first-hand, but we can have a hand in it.

Until then, see you in the Ramen Noodle aisle at H-E-B, friends (I'll be the one with the eye patch I bought on layaway).