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Here's a question for you: Cell phones are to young Democrats as landlines are to...?

Young Republicans?

True story. According to the Pew Research Center, young people who use landlines are more conservative than those who use cell phones. After polling a bunch of under-30's by both landlines and cell phones, the report states:

"...cell-only young people are considerably less likely than young people reached by landline to identify with or lean to the Republican Party, and even less likely to say they support John McCain."

While the researchers don't know why this is so yet, according to writer Clive Thompson's blog, this discovery could begin to affect landline polls. As the Pew researchers put it:

"Traditional landline surveys are typically weighted to compensate for age and other demographic differences, but the process depends on the assumption that the people reached over landlines are similar politically to their cell-only counterparts. These surveys suggest that this assumption is increasingly questionable, particularly among younger people."

So the question is now, is this discovery going to affect the outcome of polls in the upcoming months? Guess we'll just have to wait and see...