Blogs » Pop Goes the Culture » And the national obessession with the Snuggie continues


Ever since that infomercial with the woman who was having trouble operating a standard blanket came on the air, it seems the world cannot get enough of the Snuggie. Somehow this product, which makes people look like monks that belong to some weird freak cult, has gone from being ridiculed to being ironically awesome.

They are the new standard gag gift for birthdays (you're welcome, Leslie), the new uniform for a pub crawl and Web sites such as are entirely devoted to what is essentially a backward robe.

And I get it. I do. It's so horrible it's great. I'm all about the ironically awesome.

But now they have taken it too far. Why do good things always have to be ruined by some marketing idiot.

There is now a baby version of the Snuggie. Sounds cute, right? Eh, not so much. Rather than cute, it's more along the lines of horrifiying, making mom and child look like some creature out of the Alien movies that needs to die (note the picture below).


Sure, I understand as a mother that you might get tired of holding your child all the time and that at one point or another, both of you will be cold, and should you be cold and tired of holding your child, this product could be viewed as useful.

But still, it's creepy.

Not to mention, it resembles a baby strait jacket just a little too much, don't you think? It's enough to make a girl long for the days of the child leash products.