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I loathe reality shows. In my opinion, they only serve to give a public forum to the worst of society. Whether it's the vapid blondes on "The Hills" or the vapid, drunken frat boys on "The Real World" or the vapid, greedy corporate types on "The Apprentice," these people are the last people on earth who should be allowed on TV.

But now Fox has taken this concept to another wholly wrong level. It's The network is working on a show called "Someone's Gotta Go" in which companies who need to lay off some employees leaves the decision up to them. And then they film the ensuing chaos.

According to an AP story, "each episode will feature a company with about 15 or 20 employees that needs to cut costs because of the economy. Instead of the boss deciding who is fired, the company will open its books to show every one's salaries and let the employees make the call."

Wow. In economic times like these, even the misery and pain and fear of layoffs isn't off limits to the TV execs. That's scary.

Of course, the people behind the show are defending it, trying to spin it into what they call "employee empowerment." Nor are they concerned about the aftermath of the show for the companies, such as, oh-I don't-know, it being extremely awkward having to work with someone that you just said on national television should be fired. And then they weren't.

As Mike Darnell, chief of alternative programming at Fox, said, that kind of drama "sounds like really good reality television."

In a time when the whole world is hurting right now, the last thing we need is to exploit the financial crisis and the people who get caught in the cross-hairs. Obviously the higher ups at Fox have never gone through the pain of getting laid off or watched as their friends did.

Let's just hope it ends here and Fox or some other network doesn't decide to take it a step farther and film people as they lose their homes, can't feed their children and end up on the street.