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As she walked out on stage, they laughed at her. She was a 40-something matronly woman who was unemployed and lived with her cat. Never married. Never even kissed.

But as soon as she started singing on the reality show "Britain's Got Talent" no one was laughing anymore. Susan Boyle has become the unlikely singing sensation that the world has fallen in love with.


In fact, the YouTube video of Boyle's performance has already had over five million hits and everyone from CNN to Joe the Blogger is gushing about her (this blogger included).

A special thanks to Bill "Clough-Daddy" for sending me the link. I watched this video and although I'm not a big crier, it had me tearing up. Watching this woman who has been down on her luck belt out a song from Les Miserables that would put some professional singers to shame is a story of hope and joy that the world could use right now. Within the first few bars, she had the audience that was formerly snickering at her statement that she wanted to be a singer, eating out of the palm of her hand. Even Simon Scowell.

You go, Susan Boyle. The world is behind you.