Blogs » Pop Goes the Culture » Angry? ANGRY!? Who you calling ANGRY?


Well, if you happen to be a young adult, parent or less educated, then researchers are calling you angry (those lousy QUACKS!).

According to a national survey of 1,800 Americans, the angriest Americans are people under 30 (how DARE they!), parents with children at home and people with fewer years of education.

For the angry young'uns, their anger triggers were economic hardship (yeah, we're broke, what of it?), time pressures and conflict in the workplace.

Parents were also mad as heck and not wanting to take it anymore.

"Having children was also associated with angry feelings and behaviors, such as yelling, particularly in women, the survey found."

(Man! Stoopid kids making us ANGRY! How dare they want all their basic needs met all the time!)

And lastly, the survey found:

"Those with fewer years of education were also more likely to report feelings of anger and were less likely to respond proactively in a situation that made them angry (for example, talking about what made them angry)."

(Oh yeah, researchers? Well, talking is for CHUMPS, OKAY!)

The survey was conducted in 2005 (I HATED that year) and will be published next year.

Now if you'll excuse me, my 28-year-old behind is going to partner up with a mother and a high school dropout and find some researchers to beat up.