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Today's WTH Fashion Moment is brought to you by The Committee Who Hate Women And Show It by Creating Wicked Uncomfortable Under-Garments.

Oh, my friends, how to even begin this one? I don't know how many of you remember (but I'm guessing maybe 1.5 of you) the blog I did on the ridiculous invention of the Baby Snuggie. (To sum up, it's a contraption that makes you look like an extra from "Aliens").

Well, I take back everything bad I ever said about it. As it turns out, there are worse things in the world than the Baby Snuggie.




I present to you Exhibit A: The Hood Thong (Warning: There is a photo with the link. Those with sensitive derrieres or traumatic wedgie-filled childhoods should not view).

*Note to readers: I took the link down since at least one reader (possibly suffering from wedgie-trauma...just kidding somethingtosay) thought it might be too risque. However if still want to see it, just Google it.

Oh yes, folks, you read that right. The. Hood. Thong. And it is just as it sounds. A thong...with a hood.

Created by Jeannine Han and Umlaut Birkauski, it is currently available for pre-orders. Just in time for the holidays.

So gentlemen, if you are seeking a divorce or want to break up with your lady but just don't know how, the Hood Thong has got you covered (at least partially...Bah-ZING!).